Stop Focusing on 40 Hours of Work

Mohamed Aboelez
7 min readDec 11, 2023

Work smarter, not harder

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

It’s time to kill the notion of worrying about making our employees work 40 hours each week and time to focus on getting at least 40 hours of productivity and results out of them. In today’s “I’m the Boss” I am speaking to the bosses and management out there who get a little too focused on attendance and numbers that don’t matter than real results.

Stop Focusing On the Wrong Goal & Result

As a boss you sometimes get so worked up on when someone clocks in and out and how long they are at the desk. You spend a lot of time and effort making sure they work their assigned 40 hours a week by being at work for 40 hours. It’s the way management has been incorrectly trained for years. This wrong thinking is what leads to frustration and lack of success as a boss and employee. (We’re not talking about fast food or other places that require someone to be standing there helping others during open hours of operation.)

Are You Giving Out Attendance Awards?

How about getting people to produce 40 hours worth of work? What does that look like? Well, that is up to you as a boss, but unless you are handing out “attendance awards” who cares about 40 hours sitting at a computer, phone, or in a cubicle?

Unlimited Vacation

Have you noticed that several companies have started coming out with unlimited vacation policies? They realize the goal isn’t “attendance” but it is productivity. Many people say the idea is crazy and too far out there. You my friend are stuck on the old-school box of thinking. Plus bosses know exactly what they are doing when they offer this perk. What do you want, attendance or productivity?

We have a company nearby that shuts down for holiday weeks because productivity is so low. Employees know they are shut down and they love knowing that ahead of time they don’t have to work. It’s not a worry each year and scheduling hassle to fill shifts. Plus why work when oftentimes other people are out of the office? Not much gets done. Employees work extra hours and get things done ahead of time.

This company also allows for unlimited vacation and doesn’t mind if you are in or out of the…